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реальное обновления 1 апреля

Тема в разделе "Основной раздел", создана пользователем Goblin, 3 апр 2014.

  1. Goblin

    Goblin Courier

    31 мар 2014
    -Borrowed Time functionality merged with Berserkers Call to more closely model actual player behavior.

    -When Alchemist throws an Unstable Concoction that is not fully charged, target hero gains the temporary ability “Toss That Shit Back” for the uncharged duration.

    -Toss That Shit Back
    -Throw an unripened Concoction back at target enemy, who gains a this ability for the remaining duration.

    Ancient Apparition
    -Chilling Touch cooldown reduced from 50/42/34/26 to 10/6/2/0 and damage bonus increased from 50/60/70/80 to 100/150/200/250.
    -Seriously guys, use Chilling Touch.

    -Blink has been reworked to be more of a really-fast-but-definitely-unmagical jump.
    -Mana Break no longer procs on silenced units.

    -Fixed a common bug where 70% of time a cosmetic for Axe doesn't look even remotely axe-like.

    -Sticky Napalm now causes spawn defects depending on how many stacks the victim was exposed to.
    -Spawn Defects
    losing x from each attribute for a duration of 5*x, where x is the number of stacks on the hero when it died.

    - Flaming Lasso cast range reduced from 100 to -10, and has been renamed “Flaming Piggyback.”

    -Call of the Wild can now summon 5 greater hawks, 4 poison boars, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves, and a mud golem that Beastmaster immediately loses control of upon summoning.

    -When Bloodseeker is under the effects of thirst, collisions with enemies will now cause him to lose gold equal to his current movespeed. The gold scatters around the immediate vicinity and can be picked up by other players.

    -Reworked Primal Split Aghanim upgrade.
    -Primal Split randomly creates 3/4/5 spirits from a pool of seven spirits including Native American Spirit, Leather Spirit, Cop Spirit, Navy Spirit, Construction Spirit, and Nondescript Spirit.

    -Bristleback accent changed to Australian.

    -“Spin Web” renamed “Shot Web,” which maintains its old functionality but now reads
    Shot Web“Can use two charges to shot a web at 500 range that slows all enemies it hits for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds and reduces victims’ armor by 2/3/4/5.”

    -Cloaking disabled if Brooduncle Ben has recently died.

    Centaur Warrunner
    -Using Double Edge with Blade Mail activated now properly crashes the game.

    Chaos Knight
    -Base damage rescaled from 29-59 to 1-90.
    -Chaos Bolt mana cost changed to (randInt(1,current_Level)+3/2/1/0)/current_Level * ( 1.6 + 1.2*current_Level)
    -Reality Rift now teleports Chaos Knight and target to a random pathable location on the map.
    -Phastasm now summons 3/4/5 illusions of any of the heroes on the map.

    -Chen has a new passive, Test of Micro, which allows Chen’s creeps to micro themselves with Bronze/Gold/Diamond/Master skill.

    -Death Pact can now target friendly heroes.

    -Power Cogs hitboxes fixed.

    Crystal Maiden
    -Crystal Maiden can now buy Frostivus Iceskates and skate around like Frozone.
    -“Slow as the sloths of Icewrack!”

    Dark Seer
    -Vacuum AOE is now global, and affects allies.

    -Cooldown of Shallow Grave is now reduced by 1s for every 100 damage prevented to a Graved unit.
    -Shallow Grave can no longer target allied units.

    Death Prophet
    -GHOST damage is NOT physical. Because they're GHOSTS.

    -Static Storm renamed “Disruption”

    -Armor removed.

    Drow Ranger
    -Renamed ‘Drow Runner”
    -Marksmanship and precision aura now apply only to stength and magic resist.
    -In the future, Drow will be balanced solely based on the needs of the most recent community event.

    -Hero selection card button changed to include new class, “super carry.”
    -When fissure separates two enemy heros, both lose 100 life unless one types “bread” and the other types “butter” into chat.

    Elder Titan
    -Earthslitter delay changed to 2.71.
    -Astral Spirit movement speed changed to the movement speed of the closest enemy hero + .00000000001.

    -Black Hole AOE changed to be global, but with the effect diminshing inversely as the square of the radius.
    -Black Hole also changed to affect trees, towers, and fountains.

    -Hero selection card button changed to “Support?” and “Carry?” and “Ganker?” and “Pusher?” and “Jungler? Jungler. Definitely jungler.”
    -“Untouchable” now immediately causes male heroes, and certain female ones, to blow their ults.

    Faceless Void
    -Reduced Faceless’s Void’s nighttime vision to 0.
    -Reduced Faceless Void’s daytime vision to 0.
    -Aghanim’s Scepter now causes chronosphere to speed up time instead.
    -Backtrack now scales with the cooldown time and awesomeness of the spell targeting him, as well as inversely with his hp.

    -Lifebreak’s initial burst of damage now scales with the distance Huskar has traveled through the air to reach his target.
    -Lifebreak’s self-damage is now reduced by sweet 360s and barrel rolls that can be bound as alternate taunts.

    -Invoker now loses life based on how far away from the middle lane he travels.

    -All of Invoker’s abilities have been completely reworked. We will tell you exactly how once we finish deciphering the assigned coders' and balance testers’ suicide pact.

    -APRIL FOOLS! We don’t have balance testers. Oh man the look on your face. Priceless.

    -Io renamed to EA:
    -Tether now reads “EA latches on to beloved enemy hero and convince them that the partnership will be good for all parties involved. You’ll just provide resources to let them do their thing better. After a brief burst of HP and mana, the effect reverses and EA slowly begins to suck the lifeforce from the tethered unit, until it eventually withers, dies, and then is removed from the game and, if it was a hero, placed in the low priority queue.”

    -Switched fire head with Ogre Magi’s orange head. Jakiro loses Macropyre and Liquid Fire, but gains Fireblase and Muilticast.

    -Blade Fury now causes Juggernaut to get quite nauseous, ministunning him at the end of the spin and requiring a recovery time of 2.5/2/1.5/1 seconds during which Juggernaut is slowed and has his hotkeys scrambled.

    Keeper of the Light
    -Renamed ‘Cuddles.’ We aren’t sure where that nickname came from, but the community seemed to prefer it.
    -Cuddles’s base damage reduced to 0.
    -Cuddles now starts with level 25 intelligence.
    -As Cuddles level up, he reverse ages, losing intelligence and gaining strength.

    -Kunkka players now gain 10 intelligence per level they don’t upgrade X Marks the Spot. We hope this will be enough.

    -Leshrac’s three normal abilities have been combined into one- a glowing orb of damage that jumps from hero to hero stunning in an AOE. For some reason, he still won’t be played.

    -Chain Frost now is a channeling ability that causes the player to go into first-person perspective to control the frost ball with the mouse. Effect ends when player hasn’t damaged an enemy for at least three seconds.

    -Infest is now upgradable by Aghanim’s Scepter. Consume will cause Lifestealer to seductively emerge from the target unit’s flesh carcass while singing happy birthday. All enemy heroes in a 500/600/700 radius are scarred for life and miss all attacks until they die of substance abuse in a cold, dark dungeon of their mind.

    -Iguana Blade can now only target heroes with 50 hp or less.

    -Mana Drain now has global range, can be channeled while moving, can have multiple streams at once, and causes Lion’s eyes to roll back in their sockets in the Exorcist.

    Lone Druid
    -Renamed “Accompanied Druid”

    -Bouncing Glaives now have a chance of bouncing back at Luna, damaging her right in the face.
    -Glaive no longer means “just something that bounces”

    -Removed shirt; increased abs; shaved and oiled chest.
    -Howl is now auto-cast during the middle of each night.
    -When howl is cast, allies must type a message with at least 20 ‘O’s into all-chat within 5 seconds to receive the buff.

    -Skewer now actually impales enemy and friendly heroes, will start a quicktime event that disables Magnus but damages impaled heroes until he shakes them off.
    -Added alternate “Normal Polarity” that has no effect except on opposite day.

    -Illusions of Medusa created while casting Stone Gaze also cast Stone Gaze.
    -Naga Siren’s Mirror Image causes Stone Gaze to affect Medusa herself.
    -Mana Sheild now depletes other attributes after mana- agility, armor, and strength in that order.

    -Divided We Stand is now castable. Upon casting, Meepo splits into two Meepos with 50% of each stat of the original. The divide is permanent, even across games.
    -All passives originating from a Meepo fully stack with others.

    -Mirana can now hit herself with Sacred Arrow.
    -UNRESOLVED BUG: It has been brought to our attention that activation of Moonlight Shadow seems to disable purchasing sentry wards and dust in the Shop. We are working towards resolving this issue as soon as possible.

    -Morphling’s “morph” abilities are now binary. A play may choose between full agility or full strength and the effects are instant.

    Naga Siren
    -Song of the Siren now resets the cooldowns of all abilities cast in the .5 seconds before activation.

    Nature's Prophet
    -Removed the option of having a passive bot take over for the player until the 30:00 mark. This was a debugging feature left over from alpha.
    -Teleportation timing now is decreased by 1s for every allied hero within 500 yards of the target location, and increased by 1s for every enemy hero in the same area.
    -Finally got around to switching the HP and bounty values for summoned treants.

    Necrolyte- Buying two aghanims scepters causes Reaper’s Scythe to remove the target hero from the target player’s hero pool. Three disconnects the target from Steam. Four uninstalls Dota 2 from the target computer and installs League of Legends. Five triggers a Steam Guard violation on the target’s account and locks it for thirty days. NOTE: Do not buy six scepters. Nobody deserves that. Nobody.

    Night Stalker
    -Night Stalker can now close his eyes and pretend it’s nighttime, giving him all the usual buffs but causing the player’s screen to go black. Attack-moving will have the expected effect.

    Nyx Assassin

    Ogre Magi
    -Switched orange head for Jakiro’s flame head. Ogre Magi’s spells are now Ignite, Enrage, Liquid Fire, and Macropyre.

    -Omniknight just doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

    Outworld Devourer
    -Renamed to “Odie Dee.”
    -Astral Imprisonment renamed “Spectral Confinement”
    -Arcane Orb renamed “Magic Cube”
    -Orb effects are now cube effects.
    -Essense Aura renamed “Decoction Ambiance”
    -Sanity’s Eclipse renamed “Sensible Syzygy”

    Phantom Assassin
    -Stifling Dagger now works on a charge system, with 2/3/4/5 charges that only regenerate when the daggers are retrieved. Seriously those things are expensive. Who uses a whole dagger on one creep?
    -Phantom Assassin can now also throw her scythe instead of a dagger, cutting the target hero in half. IN. FUCKING. HALF.

    Phantom Lancer
    -Agility gain increased to 6.
    -Readded to Tournament Mode.

    -Pudge command packets now get priority over the entire rest of the Steam network. Terripudges now have noone to blame but themselves.

    -Pugna now is beautiful and pink and loves flowers and puppies.
    -Nether Ward now causes heroes to spontaneously cast their abilities on random valid targets. They suffer no cooldown or mana penalities, but do get damaged for the amount they would have for casting normally.

    Queen of Pain- Queen of Pain has been born again and has seen the error of her ways. She now is quite modest, harnessing the benevolent power of faith and causing all of her abilities to heal instead of harm.

    -Riki is a weird bearded goat thingy.
    -If Riki buys dagon, is will periodically go off and hit Riki himself.
  2. HAzard

    HAzard Mega Kill

    10 май 2012
    Очень удюбнуло про некродеда) А если серьёзно, то любой из этих фиксов вносит огродное количество попоболи.
  3. Frogman

    Frogman Courier

    1 апр 2014
    Есть на русском языке текст обновления?
  4. Goblin

    Goblin Courier

    31 мар 2014
    лень переводить мб потом

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